Display & Video 360


Display & Video 360

Display & Video 360 is a demand-side platform and part of the Google Marketing Platform. Real-time advertising with detailed targeting and connection to all major ad exchanges.

Professional campaign management and process automation - Display & Video 360 is the technology for agencies and adverisers to optimize performance marketing. It boasts many sophisticated functions including Bid Management, Product Feed Integration, Automated Inventory Campaigns or Search-to-Display Remarketing.

Display & Video 360 can be licensed through Trakken as a Google Marketing Partner. With flexible pricing models for small, medium and large companies and agencies, Display & Video 360 is the key platform for real-time advertising and advertising and video campaigns.

Trakken helps companies and agencies implement and set up Display & Video 360. Through knowledge transfer, workshops and trainings, the technology can be used efficiently right from the beginning with all of its sophisticated functions for real-time advertising.

In addition to ongoing support, Trakken offers its customers extensive training and workshops on using the Display & Video 360 in small groups or large rounds. From basic training through working with individuals and hands-on workshops, there are many knowledge transfer offerings to achieve high levels of productivity when using Display & Video 360.

Display & Video 360 provides very detailed reporting for analyzing campaign efficiency and user behavior. Trakken helps companies evaluate the data and provides services for creating continuous reporting with flexible dashboards or using the API to integrate with their own data warehouse.

Trakken is a Google Marketing Partner (GMP) and helps companies and agencies implement and use the Google Marketing Platform. Display & Video 360 and other Google Marketing Platform products can be licensed through Trakken, providing a technical and operational partner right from the start.


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