Surveys 360


Surveys 360


With Surveys 360, surveys across web pages can be exploited to gain high-quality insights into your brand and user preferences. Market surveys by Surveys 360 provide the ideal complement to quantitative Data Analysis through the other tools in the Google Marketing Platform

Surveys 360 can be licensed through Trakken as a Google Marketing Partner. The flexible pricing model provides answers for completed questions, so costs are only incurred for real quality insights.

Trakken offers you surveys based on scientifically founded questions as well as professional targeting of the right user groups, taking into account the biases of these and offering neutral insights.

Trakken supports and evaluates the results and prepares them for evaluation with customers.

Surveys 360 offers the ability to target audiences from different Google Marketing Platform data sources. Trakken helps you find the relevant audiences to integrate them into Surveys 360.

Trakken is a Google Marketing Partner (GMP) and helps companies and agencies implement and use the Google Marketing Platform. Surveys 360 and other Google Marketing Platform products can be licensed through Trakken, providing a technical and operational partner right from the start.


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